A Loving Day Nursery

Leave your infant in excellent hands. K&G Daycare provides day nursery and an early learning curriculum for babies aged six weeks and up. We create a soothing nurturing environment that gives babies the utmost comfort as if they were at home in your arms. Come see how our infant room’s curriculum guarantees happy smiles and giggles.


Every child is different, which is why we foster one-on-one time to ensure that each infant gets special opportunities to bond with their teachers. During this time, the teachers will exercise their very own personal developmental milestone for the month.


Tummy time is important for developing neck muscles and motor skills. Tummy Time with Friends gives babies a great incentive to lift up their heads and see all their friends.


Circle Time begins with stories, songs, and nursery rhymes. These are great ways to exercise cognitive skills and memory.


You’re never too young to get active! Gym Time gets babies ready to reach and roll. Activity Time allows the baby to play alone and concentrate on grabbing soft toys. Feeding Time is always fun but is also part of the curriculum. Our caregivers encourage babies to hold their own bottles, which strengthens their motor skills.

We also take babies on buggy rides, which give them a chance to get acquainted with the great outdoors, once again exercising memory and auditory skills. Daily Reports/Newsletters are a great way to provide relative information to young ones developing there listening skills. Finally, soothing music relaxes little minds for a peaceful nap.